High schooler completes pocket park mural

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High school artist Eli Carpenter

HUDSON – A 30-foot mural designed and painted by artist and Hudson High School student Eli Carpenter has been completed in the Pocket Park on the 300 block of Hudson between Warren Street and Prison Alley.

The artwork is a nod to the founders of Hudson and features symbols of the city’s past, including a whale and ship, and a sun that alludes to the bright future ahead for the city.

The project was a collaborative effort by the Hudson Police Department and Columbia County District Attorney’s Office, to address a recent rise in graffiti incidents in the park.

Both agencies said they are proud to work alongside local youth to clean up city parks.

“We are very glad we could give back to the community in this way,” said Police Chief L. Edward Moore. “Eli’s mural will deter future vandals, boost civic pride and give residents yet another reason to enjoy the park.”