Pharmacist honored for dispensing thousands of COVID-19 shots


WOODSTOCK – On a warm comfortable evening in the Village of Woodstock, Dr. Neal Smoller, a holistic pharmacist and owner of the Village Apothecary, was honored, with his volunteers, for dispensing nearly 37,000 Covid vaccinations during the winter and spring.

“It was an amazing experience. It was the honor of my professional career,” he said.

“Exceptional, crazy, amazing and heartfelt moments happened, and we just kept on doing them over and over again. Upping ourselves with our efforts, it was the best experience of my professional and personal life.”

Dr. Neal Smoller

 Smoller and his volunteers were honored in the village Wednesday evening after spending many days and nights over five months at places like a vacated Best Buy to help mass vaccinate county residents.

“I truly believe in his theories and trying promote the vaccines and getting Ulster County covered, which he did a remarkable job,” said Gina Law, volunteer and registered nurse who lives in Palenville. “It is definitely something I feel is needed. There are still a lot of people who are not immunized. Hopefully, people look into the right research and make good decisions for our communities.”

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