Fairview firefighters save feline

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TOWN OF POUGHKEEPSIE – Fairview firefighters responded to a report of a person passed out on a stone wall near the intersection of Violet and Bahret Avenues Wednesday morning.  Upon arrival to the scene a few hundred yards away from the firehouse, Firefighters found a female bent over near the stone wall.

According to firefighters, the woman was in fine health and was merely attempting to rescue a kitten that was stuck in between the stones of the wall.  Her attempts had been unsuccessful and the firefighters went to work to free the feline.

Furry feline saved by Fairview firefighters.
After some work, Lieutenant Wilson and Probationary Firefighter Smith were able to extricate the kitten from the rock wall to safety.
The Fairview Fire District said “Fairview Firefighters can handle a number of different types of situations. We handle emergency and non-emergency requests including rescuing animals in distress, quality BLS ambulance service, rapid response to fire incidents, child safety seat inspections, smoke alarm checks, and everything in between!”