Seven Hudson Valley municipalities to receive new state funding to fight gun violence

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City of Poughkeepsie gun violence scene (file)

ALBANY – Seven communities in the Hudson Valley with high rates of gun violence will receive funding through a new state gun violence disaster emergency and comprehensive strategy.

The initiative treats gun violence as a public health crisis and includes short-term solutions and long-term strategies that focus on community-based intervention strategies to break the cycle of violence.

The City of Poughkeepsie is slated to receive $350,000 to serve 70 youths.

The City of Kingston will receive $300,000 to serve 60 youths.

The City of Newburgh will receive $600,000 to serve 120 youths.

The City of Middletown will receive $325,000 to serve 65 youths.

The City of Yonkers will receive $1.1 million to serve 220 youths.

The City of Mount Vernon will receive $1.05 million to serve 210 youths.

The Village of Spring Valley will receive $750,000 to serve 150 youths.


In addition to each area’s existing network of community groups, youth will be referred by trusted community service providers with priority given to referrals from gun violence interveners and other anti-gun violence advocacy organizations.

Services will also include support services and referrals to partner agencies to assist with housing legal issues and other barriers to successful training and employment.

The governor also announced 833 jobs will be available for at-risk youths in 10 ZIP Codes in the lower Hudson Valley including 10550 and 10552 in Mount Vernon; 10952, 10954 and 10977 near Spring Valley; and 10701, 10703, 10704, 10705, and 10710 in Yonkers.