Mount Vernon garbage crisis causes state to intervene


MOUNT VERNON – The state is stepping in to temporarily assist the City of Mount Vernon with its garbage collection.

The state will assist for up to two weeks.

Mount Vernon Mayor Shawn Patterson-Howard and elected Comptroller, Deborah Reynolds, have been engaged in a battle over city money for months.  According to the mayor, the comptroller has refused to pay service bills and the companies are refusing to work to keep the garbage trucks safe to use.

“Mount Vernon’s citizens are suffering as the city resolves longstanding issues over the funding of its services, and this administration is stepping in to ensure government continues to function,” Governor Cuomo said. “State agencies will deploy trucks to Mount Vernon to make sure the city is able to keep the streets clean and collect its trash for the next two weeks. Residents and their families deserve better, and I am hopeful that this situation is resolved as soon as possible.”

“Local government services have been drastically impacted due to fiscal mismanagement on behalf of our elected comptroller” said Mayor Patterson-Howard, who said he looks “forward to a permanent solution with our garbage collection.”

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