Letter to the Editor: Rescue Plan is helping Americans

Editor, Mid Hudson News:
As two recent articles about FAA Airport Improvement Grants in Mid Hudson news remind us [“HPN, SWF receive total $13 million in federal airport rescue grants,” June 24 and “FAA announces Airport Improvement Grants to area facilities, July 5″], New Yorkers continue to reap the benefits of President Biden’s Rescue Plan.
While the grants to airports in White Plains, Newburgh, Sullivan County, Wappinger, and a number of other Hudson Valley communities don’t directly affect me or my pocketbook, I can’t help but agree with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg that improved airports in our area will deliver “maximum benefit” to their communities and indirectly benefit all Americans. The Rescue Plan is reaching neglected corners of America to create jobs and fund local infrastructure, showing us how good government works.
Sara Campbell
The opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Mid Hudson News.

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