Cashless tolling to begin on Newburgh-Beacon Bridge


BEACON – Cashless tolling begins on the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge on Wednesday, July 7.

Motorists will be able to drive under the gantries non-stop while overhead censors will capture either their E-ZPass ID number or their license plate. If they don’t have E-ZPass, they will receive a bill in the mail.

The other four bridges operated by the New York State Bridge Authority will convert to the new system over the next several months, said Bridge Authority spokesman Christopher Steber.

“The Newburgh-Beacon Bridge will be the first one to go live; the other bridges will go one-by-one until the conversion is fully complete by March of next year,” he said. “We are actually going to do the three smaller bridges after Newburgh-Beacon, so they would be the next to go one-by-one and then Mid-Hudson would actually be our last bridge to go live.”

Motorists should expect delays around 11:5 p.m. on the night of July 6 as traffic will need to be temporarily stopped on the bridge in order to allow for the removal of the right lanes of the toll plaza before the midnight implementation. Once the toll plaza is cleared, traffic will then be directed to proceed ahead through a new traffic pattern until the left lanes of the toll plaza are removed.

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