City of Kingston launches community solar


KINGSTON – Residents and businesses in the City of Kingston are now eligible to participate in community solar and knock off 10 percent from their annual electric bills.

By participating in the program, customers are relying on power from solar farms to provide some electricity back to Central Hudson and in return, the customer receives credits toward bill.

Ellie Gartenstein, the city’s environmental specialist, said participating in the program with Ulster County and Solarize Ulster, will also provide benefits for the environment.

“When you subscribe to community solar, you can make sure that your dollars are going to clean energy production and not to coal burning, oil drilling and natural gas drilling and nuclear power plants and all that stuff that we don’t really like,” she said. “Your investment in a community solar project will help expand solar infrastructure.”

Mayor Steven Noble said community solar “directly supports clean renewable energy resources and saves our residents money without having to install costly solar panels on your home or property.”

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