Sullivan County Drug Task Force launches interactive resource guide

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LIBERTY – The Sullivan County Drug Task Force has introduced an Intervention and Prevention Services Dashboard at

“We are very much about delivering hope and help to anyone affected by substance use disorders,” said County Deputy Commissioner of Health & Family Services Wendy Brown, who co-chairs the Task Force with District Attorney Meagan Galligan. “This dashboard – so named because of the different kinds of information it provides – is a way to literally illustrate that fact,” said Brown.

“Through real-time connections to the state and service providers, we can show – in one glance – what’s available locally for people seeking treatment for substance use disorder, public transportation options, medical care, peer/community support, even food and shelter,” noted Galligan. “Not only can you see how many day treatment slots and residential beds are open, we’ll give you an estimate of how long it will take to secure treatment.”

County Legislator Nadia Rajsz, herself a health professional and chairwoman of the Health and Family Services Committee, called the interactive resource guide is “a godsend to our community.”

She said it can show an individual all of the local options for the help they seek and how to get there.