Milton Landing dock begins to take shape

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MILTON – The first portion of the new Milton Landing dock was barged up the Hudson River from where it was manufactured in Peekskill on Thursday and lowered into place. 

It will take two to three weeks to complete the entire dock, which costs $1.5 million – $1.2 million in a bond and $313,000 from the state.

The project is part of the master plan dream for the riverfront park, said Marlborough Town Supervisor Al Lanzetta.

“We are looking for economic development as far as ships coming up from New York City, people fishing off the dock, people docking and taking a trolley to our orchards – pick your owns, and to our wineries in Milton or businesses in Marlboro,” he said.

Lanzetta said the pier will be located at the only deepwater port in that area that will be able to accommodate cruise ships.