Fire department says civilians saved drowning woman’s life

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POUGHKEEPSIE – Poughkeepsie firefighters are crediting the swift action of three men with saving the life of a woman that fell into the Hudson River Thursday afternoon.  Poughkeepsie Fire Department Captain Deichler said that things would have been horribly different if the men didn’t respond in the way they did.

City 911 received a call around 5:30 p.m. reporting that a woman had fallen off of the Waryas Park dock and was in the Hudson River.  While the fire department was preparing to launch their boat, the three men nearby, created a “human chain of sorts to reach the woman that does not know how to swim.” said Deichler.  One of the men, a Marist College student jumped in and held the woman’s head above water while the other two men grabbed the dock and each other, reaching out to the Marist student, keeping his head above water while he struggled with the original victim.
Marine 1, the Poughkeepsie Fire Department boat arrived on the scene moments later and firefighters were able to get the man and woman onto the boat, transporting them to the nearby dock.  Once on land, the two were evaluated by Mobile Life Support Services medics.