Poughkeepsie Common Council to develop reopening plan

(file photo)

POUGHKEEPSIE – Common council Chairperson Sarah Salem wants to reopen meetings in person. They have been meeting virtually since April of last year because of the pandemic.

But, now, with the governor’s announcement that the state will follow the CDC’s guidance of taking masks off in many circumstances when fully vaccinated, Salem would like to develop a council reopening plan.

“There is something lost meeting virtually and over Zoom. While Zoom is more accessible to some, it is not accessible to many others who do not have access to the internet or the technology in order to join us on meetings or make public comment and make it work for them,” the chair said.

Salem said the conversion will not happen overnight, but plans will be developed to reopen the sessions safely.

The council only meets once in July and once in August, as part of their summer recess.

In Middletown, the common council has been meeting virtually, but with council members sitting in the chambers with large plexiglass panels separating them.

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