Retired 26-year cop runs for Wallkill supervisor

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TOWN OF WALLKILL – George Serrano is a 22-year resident of the Town of Wallkill who retired after 26 years as a White Plains city police officer. He retired with the rank of detective.

He is entering politics as a Republican in the race for Wallkill town supervisor because he is concerned about public safety.

“As a retired police officer, I always felt that we have to support our law enforcement and it came to me that the present supervisor wanted to cut back police. Public safety is important, especially in our community,” he said.

But Democratic Supervisor Frank DenDanto, who is seeking his second two-year term in office, disputed cutback claims.

“Back when COVID hit, back in July, there was the possibility of having to do staffing decreases to manage our $4 million shortfall. But the happy accident in that was it gave us an opportunity to really to get into the budget and we were able to not only have any cuts, but keep all the town services and all the town staffing exactly as it was pre-COVID,” he said.

Serrano is also concerned with planned growth in the town. He pointed to plans to build 250 apartments off Tower Drive behind Hannaford’s supermarket and another 250 apartments on property adjacent to the Galleria at Crystal Run.