Orange County Sheriff’s Office adds non-violent de-escalation tool


GOSHEN – Police departments have tasers that can be used rather than deadly force in the event of a violent situation, but now the Orange County Sheriff’s Office has added yet another tool to its tool kit to literally stop suspects in their tracks.

The device is called a BolaWrap and an officer can deploy it sending a Kevlar cord at the suspect, wrapping it around his or her legs, or arms and chest, to prevent them from fleeing.

Orange County Undersheriff Kenneth Jones said it is an effective way to de-escalate a situation.

“This is going to give us another non-lethal option in dealing with people we need to take into custody,” he said. “As part of police reform, every agency that seeks excellence is going to continue to expand its non-lethal options in taking people into custody.”

The devices are hand-held and once the cord is deployed, other officers at the scene remove it from the suspect and take him or her into custody.


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