Ulster jail inmates to begin getting vaccinated

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Ulster Executive Patrick Ryan
Sheriff Juan Figueroa

KINGSTON – The Ulster County Department of Health started to fully vaccinate inmates against Covid-19 at the county’s law enforcement center in Kingston on Wednesday.

Sheriff Juan Figueroa expects personal visits for families of inmates to resume next month, after being suspended for over a year, as the vaccinations continue.

“You can imagine how important it is for a human to be able to talk and touch their loved ones, especially if they’re in our facility,” he said.

Figueroa also urged all first responders to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

“We are out there every single day. Having these vaccinations are extremely important,” he said.  “And not only for rank and file, but also for our first responders.”

County Executive Pat Ryan opened a news conference with some positive news about the general population’s response to getting vaccinated.

“We are making great progress in our vaccination efforts,” said Ryan. “We have just shy of 100,000 vaccinated residents. That means 55 percent of all residents and 66 percent of all adults 18 and up. That is great, but we have more work to do.”

And like the sheriff, Ryan urged county residents to express their sense of civic duty by getting vaccinated to protect others.