Sullivan Legislature chairman says opponents misspoke over email issue

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Robert Doherty

MONTICELLO – When Republican Sullivan County Legislature Chairman Rob Doherty has emailed his eight fellow lawmakers about specific issues or meetings, in many instances, they tell him during public sessions that they never received those communications from him. He disputes their claim.

At a recent news conference, opposing legislators called him out, saying he kept them in the dark, in particular about a special meeting set for Friday, April 23.

That required a two-day notification and an email from the legislative office was distributed to all at mid-morning on April 20.

Doherty said he is not the one being kept in the dark.

“Their former practice is to work the situation out in the back room, which they accuse me of doing, which I never do. I always bring it to the floor first and discuss it in public,” he said. “And when they say that is the first time they heard of it, they generally get their packets the Friday before a Thursday meeting, so why don’t they try to email me or contact me to discuss it them, but they don’t do that.”

Doherty said his colleagues on the legislature don’t do their homework before the meetings.