New Castle town supervisor announces intention to resign

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Jeremy Saland
Ivy Pool

NEW CASTLE – Town Supervisor Ivy Pool has announced her resignation as New Castle’s top elected official in a social media post on Tuesday evening.  She will step down in mid-June.

“Tonight, I am announcing my intention to resign from my position as New Castle Town Supervisor. My last day will be Tuesday, June 15th. The reason for my resignation is that my family is leaving New Castle and relocating to Chicago at the end of the school year,” said Pool’s post.

Pool had previously announced that she would not be seeking re-election to the position. “It is time for me to put my family first and to do what is best for us. I appreciate the community’s understanding, and I know that you will give us grace as we take this important step toward healing.”

Deputy Town Supervisor Jeremy Saland will take the helm, according to Supervisor Pool.  “I have the deepest respect and admiration for Deputy Supervisor Jeremy Saland, and I am confident that I am leaving the Town in the hands of a strong, smart, empathetic leader.”

Saland, a partner in the law firm of Crotty Saland and a former Assistant District Attorney for Manhattan, responded to the resignation, saying, “On behalf of all our colleagues, Town staff, and the entire community, please know that the leadership, character, vision, and professionalism you exhibited during your tenure on the town board and as Supervisor will leave an indelible mark on New Castle and one that unquestionably has and will continue to make this community stronger, more inclusive and welcoming, healthier, and far more vibrant than the day you first stepped foot in Town Hall.”

Saland also offered comforting words for Pool and the town, adding “You and all residents should know that upon your resignation when it comes to doing the People’s work, this Town Board will not miss a beat. The transition will be smooth and each one of us will continue to move the community we love – a community that will always call you one of our own – on a trajectory for success.”

The 11-year resident of the town, Pool said she will always keep the New Castle community in her heart.