Orange County DA concerned with exodus of police officers

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Orange County DA Hoovler. File photo.

GOSHEN – The bad rap that all police have been getting over the heinous actions of a handful around the country is leading to officers leaving the profession and Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler says it is leaving a void in protecting communities.

In his county alone, Hoovler said there has been a large number of police officers leaving the profession.

“The last two-and-a-half months in Orange County have seen a staggering number of experienced police officers retiring, some with 20 years, some with 25, some with 30, all of them leaving primarily because of the climate happening out there regarding police and a lot of the reforms that happened in New York and I am very concerned about the ability to solve crimes, the ability to have experienced investigators,” he said.

Hoovler said in the City of Port Jervis alone, all four sergeants are retiring at the same time.

Many police have reached retirement age, but the climate and police reforms are resulting in officers walking away. Criminal justice reforms in New York including the removal of qualified immunity for police are among the factors for officers leaving the profession. 

The DA said when experienced officers leave simultaneously, it is difficult to replace their institutional knowledge of investigations with new people.