Assemblyman looks to expand Poughkeepsie Pre-K


POUGHKEEPSIE – The Poughkeepsie City School District will be presenting the proposed $108 million budget for 2021-2022 on Wednesday, May 5.  Superintendent Dr. Eric Rosser is encouraging the community to participate in the process.

The proposed budget, according to the superintendent, is below the state tax cap because of decision-making by the district.  “We felt our community showed up and showed out when it came to our capital improvement project and we were able to get that passed,” a thankful Rosser said of the fall passing of the $99 million plan to refurbish the city’s schools.  “We didn’t want to take our tax levy up to our tax cap because we wanted to make sure we were being mindful of what our community approved back in October. “

The proposed budget will increase the tax levy by 1.4 percent, according to Rosser, which is below the 3.48 percent state tax cap.

The superintendent called the budget “wonderful” and is looking for community support for it when the voters head to the polls on May 18.  The budget can be viewed here.

At an event on Saturday, Rosser and State Assemblyman Jonathan Jacobson talked briefly about the impact of the state budget on the local school district.

Jacobson voted for the state budget, citing the benefits to school districts.  “We’ve expanded foundation aid, a tremendous amount of money for Pre-K, which is the first time Albany has funded Pre-K outside of New York City,” he said.  “This will enable the Poughkeepsie City School District to go full-time with their Pre-K program which will mean so many more parents and their children will be able to take advantage of it.”

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