O&R ramps up as wind gust of up to 60 MPH due

(file photo)
PEARL RIVER - Orange & Rockland is preparing to deploy its emergency response team to repair damage and restore electric service outages that could result from rain and strong winds, gusting as high as 60 mph, that are expected to rip through O&R’s service area Friday through early Saturday morning.

The predicted high, gusty winds could damage trees, utility poles, and overhead electric wires, causing power outages.

O&R company and contractor overhead line crews and tree removal experts are ramping up to mobilize as are customer service operations and the wide array of O&R teams that support those functions. O&R also has obtained 50 additional overhead line technicians to aid in the repair and restoration effort as needed. That increases O&R’s field forces by 50 percent for this event.

Be Safe

O&R urges its customers to stay clear of downed electric wires. Don’t go near any downed wire. Assume it is energized and dangerous. Call O&R immediately toll-free at 1-877-434-4100. If the situation requires urgent action, call your local police to divert traffic until an O&R crew arrives.

Gusty winds are expected to develop throughout the area from 8 a.m. Friday through 8 a.m. Saturday. Highest winds are predicted to peak from 5 p.m. Friday through 4 a.m. Saturday with sustained winds of 20 mph to 35 mph. and gusts ranging from 45 mph to as high as 60 mph

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