Indian Point shuts down permanently in three days

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BUCHANAN – The Indian Point nuclear power plant will stop producing energy on April 30 when its last component, reaction unit three is taken out of service.

Holtec International plans to take it over and dismantle it, but not before the State Public Service Commission gives its okay, said Holtec’s Joe Delmar.

“The PSC does have a hearing scheduled for May 13th where they will make a determination to either approve or not approve the transaction,” he said. “Hopefully the transaction is approved and if that is the case, the plan is for Entergy and Holtec to complete the sale transaction on May 28th.”

Assuming the sale is approved, Holtec would move the remaining spent fuel into dry casks and then begin dismantling the facility. That will take 12 to 15 years.

The work will be paid for through the Decommissioning Trust Fund.