Poughkeepsie detective retires after 27 years on the job

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Matt and Chris Cutler

POUGHKEEPSIE – On Friday, April 23, Detective Matthew Cutler retired after 27 years of service to the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department. Cutler is the fourth detective to retire since January.  The recently retired detectives account for more than 112 years of police experience in the city.

Cutler began his career in 1994 and has been assigned to the Patrol Division, Community Policing Unit, and the Neighborhood Recovery Unit. In 2003, he was promoted to Detective and has been assigned to the Child Advocacy Center (CPCA) for the last 15 years.   At the CPCA, he worked on behalf of the city’s most vulnerable victims – abused children.

Cutler was also a crime scene technician, former member of the Emergency Services Unit, and senior member of the City of Poughkeepsie Hostage Negotiation Team. He was an active member of the Police Athletic League and a PBA trustee.

“My youngest daughter just graduated college.  My career caused me to miss many family events over the years and I look forward to catching up,” said Cutler.  The seasoned cop also cited the current political climate that helped him decide to retire.  “Law enforcement officers dedicate their lives to protecting everyone.  Ninety-nine-point-nine percent of us do that honorably.  Unfortunately, some officers have given politicians a reason to paint all of us in a bad light.  The City of Poughkeepsie cops are being lumped in with the bad ones and it’s wrong!”  The decorated detective added, “It’s unfortunate that local politicians are trying to control the police without any knowledge of what the officers encounter every day.”

When Cutler’s last shift ended on Friday, he exited the police juvenile division to a line of fellow officers, firefighters, city officials, and community members who honored him.

Mayor Rob Rolison, a retired Town of Poughkeepsie detective, recalled working with Cutler.  “Matt and I worked together years ago and he’s a great cop.  His retirement, while well-deserved, is a loss to the community.  He devoted countless hours to keep the city, and especially kids, safe, and did it quietly; we’re going to miss him but we certainly wish him and his family the best.”