Orange County winds down vaccination PODS

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GOSHEN – When the COVID-19 vaccines became available just months ago, people had a difficult time making appointments to receive them.

The state and counties had set up points of distribution with people signing up by the thousands to receive the vaccines and long lines of people waiting their turn.

That appears to have been slowing down to the point that at the Orange County POD in Goshen on Thursday, only 1,000 doses out of 3,000 were administered.

As a result, County Executive Steven Neuhaus is going to let other organizations and agencies continue giving shots.

“I am moving Orange County Government out of the vaccination business and that gap will now be filled in by healthcare providers and hospitals,” he said. “The state POD is supposed to be over at the end of April, so the opportunity to get vaccinations in these bulk areas is now.”

Many agencies across the region are offering walk-in vaccination centers, including Ulster County, which will conduct one on Monday, April 19 at the Marlborough Justice Court; on Tuesday, April 20, at Shandaken Town Hall; and on Saturday, April 24 at Ellenville High School.

Orange County will also hold walk-in sites at Woodbury Common and the Galleria at Crystal Run in the Town of Wallkill.