K-9 Maverick retires from Ulster Sheriff’s Office


KINGSTON – Ulster County Sheriff Juan Figueroa granted a medical retirement to K-9 Maverick on Wednesday, April 7.  The four-legged crime fighter has served the department since 2012.

Maverick and his handler, Corporal Anthony Maggio, worked together in the Ulster County Jail to keep contraband from entering the facility.  The two also assisted the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Division with several cases.
Maggio and Maverick, partnered together since the dog’s career began, are credited with seizing approximately 12,000 “decks” of heroin, eight ounces of cocaine, and other illegal drugs during their partnership.
The two “undoubtedly saved several lives by locating these substances and keeping them out of the hands of others,” said the sheriff. “We take great pride in our canine program and the unbelievable work our dogs do,” adding “the bond that is shared between our handlers and their canine partners exemplifies the meaning of ‘man’s best friend’.”

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