Firefighters extinguish porch fire


POUGHKEEPSIE – City firefighters and police in Poughkeepsie responded to a reported fire at 56 Noxon Street on Wednesday afternoon that was extinguished within minutes after the fire department arrived.

First responders were dispatched to the location around 4:30 pm.  When the firefighters arrived at the multi-family dwelling, they found the fire to be located on the front porch of the multi-story dwelling.  Most of the tenants had evacuated before fire personnel arrived.  A male tenant on the first floor required the assistance of firefighters to leave the building due to a medical condition.  A witness at the scene told Mid-Hudson News that the tenant has a home health aide that ran out of the apartment when she saw the flames on the porch, leaving the tenant behind.

Firefighters had the flames extinguished  in short order and the occupants were allowed to return to their apartments.  The cause of the blaze has not been determined.


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