Reverend Bottoms honored on Easter Sunday

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Parishoner Linda Mann and Rev. Jesse Bottoms

POUGHKEEPSIE – Parishioners, community leaders, and elected officials gathered outside of the Beulah Baptist Church after Sunday mass to honor their pastor, Reverend Dr. Jesse Voyd Bottoms Jr, with a surprise tribute.  A portion of Catharine Street, between Cottage and Mansion Streets in Poughkeepsie was renamed Rev. Dr. Jesse V. Bottoms Jr. Way.

Church members Stacey Bottoms and Reverend Ed Vann approached Poughkeepsie Mayor Rob Rolison months ago to pitch the idea and Rolison agreed.

“He’s very deserving and we want him to be able to smell the roses while he’s still here,” said Ms. Bottoms.

Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro was present at the celebration and echoed the comments of Stacey Bottoms.  “For 43 years, Jesse Voyd Bottoms has led the people of Beulah Baptist. His voice has inspired, his teaching informed, his love encouraged. As he begins his 80th year of life, and 53rd year of pastoral service – his name & legacy are made permanent on this corner. On this day of love and salvation, we dedicate Rev. Dr. Jesse V. Bottoms Way. When his voice ceases and time passes – many years from now – his family and those who love him will live on, and the ‘stones’ along this road ‘will cry out’ reminding of his love, life, and leadership.”

Mayor Rolison stood with the crowd of churchgoers to honor Bottoms, saying “Pastor Bottoms has been a faithful leader and supporter of our city for over 43 years. His leadership at Beulah Baptist Church is an example of how you lead by example. We are all the better for it.”