COVID-19 vaccine scam alert

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MID-HUDSON – Even as people are scurrying around to get their COVID-19 shots in an attempt to avoid catching the deadly disease, there are scammers out there with a new way to steal their money.

Emails and texts are going out, appearing to be legit, asking people to complete a limited-time survey about the Pfizer, Moderna, or AstraZeneca vaccine. There may even be one for Johnson & Johnson.

In exchange for taking the survey, people are offered a free reward, but asked to pay shipping fees.

“If you get an email or text like this, STOP. It’s a scam,” the Federal Trade Commission advises.

The federal agency said no legitimate surveys ask for your credit card or bank account number to pay for a “free” reward.

If you get an email or text you are not sure about, don’t click on any links or open attachments, the FTC advises. That could install harmful malware onto your device without you realizing it.

Also, do not call or use the number in the email or text. If you want to call the company that supposedly send the message, look up its phone number online.