Residents criticize Sullivan Sheriff’s reform plan before legislative approval


MONTICELLO – Sullivan County is required to approve a reimaging plan for its sheriff’s office by April 1, just as all other municipalities must do for their police agencies to be in compliance with a state executive order.

The county legislature, Tuesday, voted to approve its plan, but not before over an hour of public comment, much criticizing the lack of total community input on what should be included in it, and the 11th-hour discussion by the lawmakers.

Legislator Nadia Rajsz gave a qualified ‘yes’ to the plan.

“With the caveat that we do move forward with some kind of group, not necessarily an advisory committee, but a group that will periodically meet with the sheriff and the undersheriff and law enforcement, to have a continual relationship and interaction of positivity,” she said.

The vote to approve the Sullivan plan was unanimous.

All municipalities that have drafted plans say they are works in progress that are crafted to be further amended and shaped going forward.