Newburgh’s new police chief to retire

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NEWBURGH – He has been police chief in the City of Newburgh for the last several months, but Arnold “Butch” Amthor is hanging up his shield.

Arnold “Butch” Amthor

Amthor has served in law enforcement for over 35 years and in his short tenure in Newburgh, has been credited with many accomplishments.

He was instrumental in the creation of a police-community relations and review board and implemented data-driven policing hiring the city’s first crime analyst, moves that brought a 40 percent drop in gun-related crime in 2006.

The chief will remain in his role until his retirement on Wednesday, April 7.

The city has not had a permanent police chief for several years and Newburgh continues to battle by the criminal element as well as political in-fighting that has plagued the city for years.