Scarsdale gas line inspections underway

Photo provided by ConEd.

SCARSDALE – Village officials are asking property owners to work with ConEd to complete the mandatory gas infrastructure safety inspection.  The utility company needs to be granted access to the interior of all commercial and residential structures that have gas lines.

Property owners can schedule an appointment by calling ConEd at 1-800-643-1289.

While the inspection, performed by ConEd subcontractors, should take roughly 15 minutes to complete,
some appointments could be longer if a minor leak is identified and requires dispatch of ConEd
for the repair; please plan your schedule accordingly.

Importantly, property owners may be levied a fine and/or have the gas supply shutoff if access
for the mandatory inspection is not granted within 60 days of the letter ConEd previously mailed
to each property owner that has yet to authorize the necessary access.

As added background, the entity that regulates utilities in New York, the NYS Department of
Public Service (DPS), mailed an “Important Safety Message” letter in December 2020 detailing the
necessity for property owners to provide access to their property in order to facilitate the
mandated gas infrastructure inspection. Any questions about the DPS letter may be directed to
800-342-3377, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. DPS is also the entity that receives
and processes formal utility complaints, which they accept online or by phone using the number

While ConEd and their subcontractors are operating under an NYS mandate to complete the safety
inspections without further delay, it should be noted that subcontractors working for ConEd are
required to exhibit professionalism in endeavoring to secure the necessary access and complete
all needed work. To that end, ConEd has recently engaged leadership from each of their field
subcontractors to reinforce their service standards for all such customer field interactions.
ConEd subcontractors arriving to complete the inspection will present appropriate identification
and will be adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols.