Delgado speaks with constituents at virtual town hall

Rep. Delgado speaking on the floor of Congress. File photo.

WASHINGTON – The new federal stimulus funds being distributed to Americans are being electronically deposited in their bank accounts if they have one, but for those who do no not, they are receiving plastic debit cards and that is causing confusion among many.

Congressman Antonio Delgado (D, NY-19) held a virtual town hall, Tuesday evening, going over the new federal COVID-19 stimulus plan and progress of the federal government with regards to COVID relief,

Bobbie from Ulster County said she never received her stimulus check but did receive a debit card in the amount of the check. She was confused what to do with it.

“I never got it. What I did get was a debit card and there may have been other material with it. When I called the number on the back of the debit card, there’s no way I can ask how to collect that money,” she said.

Other constituents, mainly social security recipients and non-filers for the 2020 tax returns, have experienced the same thing. Some individuals thought the debit cards were scams and threw them away, since they hadn’t received a paper check.

Fortunately, a representative from the U.S, Treasury said the IRS website has a “find my payment” option, as well as an option for Metabank, the service that provides the debit cards for the Treasury.

Delgado said, for non-filers, non-direct deposit recipients and non-debit card recipients that it could be they are still receiving from last year’s stimulus and have yet to receive their $1400 stimulus from the American Rescue Fund.

“It could be, and I’m not saying this is a fact, but it could be the case that some people are still getting the $600 checks from the December package that was passed late last year and on top of that, the American Rescue Plan will provide up to $1400 in stimulus but that amount does phase out for individuals making over $75,000 per year and joint filers making over $150,000 per year,” said Delgado.

Individuals who have received debit card stimulus and have had complications can contact, or contact 800-240-8100. This is the number for the Metabank cards distributed. According to U.S. Treasury and IRS representatives, a second card will be provided if there were any complications with the first, including throwing it out for believing it was a scam.

Others who have not received their funds are instructed to either track through the IRS website, or if they have not, file a 2020 tax return. This also applies to non-filers such as combat veterans.

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