Pandemic is one year old

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POUGHKEEPSIE – County officials across the region never expected the coronavirus pandemic to last months, let alone, a year.

And while it is still with us, there is light at the end of the tunnel as more and more vaccine doses are administered, and Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney noted on Friday that the counties continue to be on the front lines of the fight.

“We can never repair all the damage that has been done starting with the extraordinary cost in lives; we have lost so many neighbors and friends and loved ones, and we can never repair that damage,” he said. “But, there is also hope now; there is hope because the federal government is about to pass a massive aid package that will have a massive COVID relief package that will have a powerful, game-changing impact on the abilities on the counties and local government to do its work.”

Maloney praised the work of the counties for their frontline efforts to fight the pandemic.