Yonkers completes city police reform report

Provided by Yonkers PD

YONKERS – The Yonkers Police Reform Committee’s final report, consisting of 22 suggested reforms to the Yonkers Police Department, has been completed and is open for public comment through Tuesday, March 2 at www.yonkersny.gov/yprc.

“Residents can take great pride in the Yonkers Police Reform Committee’s hard work,” Mayor Mike Spano said.

Police Commissioner John Mueller said the police department is “committed to transparency and excellence, and working together with our community we are dedicated to always improving and enhancing meaningful and equitable police services in the City of Yonkers.”

“The final report presented by the Yonkers Police Reform Committee is a culmination of the past five months which have been filled with long nights, countless hours reviewing policies and procedures of the Yonkers Police Department, and much productive dialogue,” said Carlos Moran, chairman of the reform committee.

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