Elderly man shoots wife to death, commits suicide

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MOUNT HOPE – An 84-year-old Mount Hope man shot his 70-year-old wife to death and then turned a gun on himself, taking his own life at mid-morning Wednesday, State Police said.

Police received a call from Russell Claybrook of Mount Hope Road around 10:19 a.m. claiming there was a burglary in progress.

When state troopers and Mount Hope Police entered the home, they discovered a woman, identified as Marcia Reitman Currie, laying in bed dead. On the floor of the same room, James Russell Claybrook was found dead.

Currie and Claybrook were married and lived in the house. Both suffered from medical issues and appeared to be dealing with substantial pain, police said.

There were no indications of forced entry into the home or any sign of a struggle inside.

Police said based on the totality of the investigation, including physical evidence, numerous interviews, and written documentation found inside the home, the incident is consistent with a murder/suicide.

Claybrook falsely reported the burglary in order to increase the chance of a rapid response to the home.

Police said there were no other persons involved and no threat to public safety.

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