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HUDSON VALLEY – Thank you for visiting Mid Hudson News.  If the layout of the page appears different, it’s not your imagination.

Our website has been experiencing a steady increase in visitors over the past several months.  The increase is appreciated by everyone at Mid Hudson News, with the exception of our IT Department.  They have been forced to work around the clock to keep the website available for our readers, and for the most part, have succeeded.

On Monday, the Editors realized that the website was not performing at the standards imposed on themselves (perfection).  Beginning on Monday, February 22, at around 11:00 am, the home page went haywire.

The IT department was brought in to restore the site.  It was at that point that the Editors learned that the senior web support technician had recently switched to decaffeinated coffee, resulting in poor work performance.  The employee was reminded that the job requires him to work all day and night maintaining the site while remaining mentally sharp.  Obviously, the lack of caffeine has resulted in the temporary change of appearance to the site.

We apologize for the potentially inconvenient layout and have taken steps to return to a more user-friendly format very soon.  The tech department has been provided with industrial-strength caffeinated coffee and mandated to fix the website ASAP.  If the demands are not met, the IT department will be replaced with a group of elementary school students who have mastered remote learning.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.  All of the local news you need is on the site – it just looks different.

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