Wappinger faired well during pandemic year, supervisor says

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TOWN OF WAPPINGER – Town Supervisor Richard Thurston has released his 2021 State of the Town Address touting what he considers the accomplishments of his office, elected officials, and the town during the pandemic-stricken year of 2020.

Thurston cited the passing of the 2021 budget with no increase in town taxes, rehabilitating town parks and facilities, expansion of town water and sewer infrastructure, and increasing the town’s water source supply in his virtually delivered presentation on February 18.

The supervisor also reaffirmed his commitment to enhancing the quality of life in the town with new initiatives in the address.

Thurston laid out his 2021 vision for the town, stating that he plans to implement a short-term post-pandemic economic growth plan, continuing to prioritize resident safety and security, further promoting town history and culture of innovation and service, expanding parks and recreation opportunities, He announced that he will be focusing specifically on the senior population, encouraging stronger citizen participation and engagement and will address the quality of life issues based on feedback from the community input.

Veteran Councilman William Beale is the senior member of the town board with 15 years in office.  He has served through the administrations of five town supervisors, including Thurston. He credited Thurston’s “steadfast leadership for navigating our town through this unprecedented time. Our town government has continued to adapt to the significant challenges we have faced throughout the pandemic and has remained open, accessible, and transparent.”

Beale said that actions taken during the pandemic prevented major service interruptions. “As a result (of pandemic actions), town hall meetings continue on schedule, residents have continued to receive town services, and economic development has continued within our town.”

The State of the Town Address is available here in both written and video formats: https://townofwappingerny.gov/blog/supervisor-thurston-unveils-2021-state-of-the-town-address-that-outlines-towns-accomplishments-and-future-goals/