Yonkers mayor calls for SUNY to establish second WCC campus in city

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YONKERS – Mayor Mike Spano Friday urged the State University of New York to purchase the 32-acre former Leake and Watts property in southeast Yonkers and develop a second major campus of Westchester Community College.

“The sale of Rising Ground’s property in Yonkers provides our community and SUNY an unmatched opportunity to better serve the growing number of students from Yonkers and lower Westchester,” he said. “This prime real estate overlooking the Hudson River can become more than just additional classroom space – it can also serve as an accessible location for local community activities and events, expanding WCC’s campus presence in the county.”

Spano noted that 25 percent of Westchester Community’s student body are Westchester residents. Providing hem with the ability to take classes closer to home and public transportation “is ideal in promoting their commitment to higher and continued education.”

He said a Yonkers campus would result in an increase in Yonkers enrollment.