State Assemblyman blasts Maloney’s choice for Dem senior advisor


NEW WINDSOR – Republican State Assemblyman Colin Schmitt (R, C-New Windsor) Tuesday blasted Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney (D, NY-18) for selected an ex-gang member as a senior advisor at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that the Hudson Valley representative heads up.

Maloney has “incredibly poor judgment in appointing Dyjuan Tatro to serve as his senior advisor for diversity and inclusion at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee,” said Schmitt.

Dyjuan Tatro

“Beyond Mr. Tatro’s violent, gang-related past for which he served a lengthy prison sentence, his public statements labeling Capitol Police officers ‘white supremacist,’ calling the rioting and looting that occurred last summer ‘a vital form of social protest’ and equated police reform with reviving Nazism, evidence a clear hostility toward the brave men and women in blue who serve and protect our communities,” Schmitt said.

Orange County Democratic Committee Chairman Brett Broge, meanwhile, fired back at Schmitt.

“Colin Schmitt sent busloads of people down to Washington, D.C. on January 6 to participate in a violent riot incited by former President Trump’s big lie that the election was stolen – a lie which Schmitt has still not denounced,” Broge said.

“This riot was backed by white supremacists and resulted in the death of a police officer that day, and two more in the days that followed. Colin Schmitt has no credibility on this issue. He needs to take a look in the mirror and decide if his loyalties lie with the QAnon mob or with our democracy,” Broge said.