President Biden issues executive order to buy American

The White House

WASHINGTON – In a step at bringing manufacturing jobs back to the U.S., President Biden, Monday, signed a buy American executive order requiring the government to purchase items manufactured in the country.

That would include components of products.

Harold King, president of the Council of Industry of Southeastern New York, headquartered in the Town of Newburgh, said that is a good start.

“Many of these components are not made in the United States and we need to find a way to make that happen and hopefully this order provides some incentive for greater investment in some of these items in the supply chain,” said. “But it’s a great step in the right direction and I think it’s long overdue, from a national security standpoint it’s important. From an economic standpoint, it’s important.”

The president said he also wants to convert the entire government fleet to electric vehicles.

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