Sullivan Legislature set to vote on nursing home management company next week

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MONTICELLO – The Sullivan County Legislature could vote to select a company to manage its Care Center at Sunset Lake in a week.

Lawmakers spent most of Thursday afternoon listening to three finalist companies selected by the nursing home’s local development corporation.

Following the presentations and legislator Q&A, Chairman Rob Doherty said they will review the financials from all three and make a decision in a matter of days.

He said they have whittled down the selection to two of the finalists, although he declined to reveal which ones.

The three finalist companies are Infinite Care Management; The Grand Healthcare System, and VestraCare/The McGuire Group/Absolut.

Doherty would like the legislature to choose the operator at its next session on Thursday, January 28.

“They would manage it for a year while they apply for their license operate it; it would be a management contract at first, but the State of New York is not handing out licenses right now, so we would have to enter into a management contract with them,” he said.

The end goal is for the company to pay the county to run the facility, placing the county at a financial break-even point.

Doherty emphasized that there are no plans to sell the care center.

He also revealed that the legislature is leaning toward removing the Certified Home Health Agency from the lease deal and hiring a consultant to recommend ways to operate it more efficiently and cost-effectively.