MTA postpones fare hikes

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NEW YORK – Acknowledging that the COVID-19 pandemic has “wreaked havoc” on the MTA “devastating the MTA’s ridership and revenues and bringing them to levels far worse than the Great Depression,” Chairman and CEO Patrick Foye announced Monday that the agency would “postpone the planned fare increase for several months.”

In addition to New York City transportation services, the MTA operates the Metro-North Railroad system.

Foye said the pandemic has “hit people of color and low-income communities hardest, many of whom are the very same essential workers that have been on the frontlines of this crisis and who are also most dependent on mass transit.”

With anticipated federal aid from the Biden administration and the Democratic majorities in the incoming Senate and House, Foye said the MTA has hope for $8 billion in additional pandemic relief.

As a result, the MTA has decided to delay the rate increase for now. “We plan to move forward with a discussion and vote on recommended toll changes in February,” Foye said.