Green Haven inmate stabs another, injures three officers

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STORMVILLE – An inmate was stabbed several times by another inmate and three corrections officers were injured during an attack at Green Haven Correctional Facility last week.

The attacker is serving an 18-year sentence for his 2010 Monroe County conviction for assault and robbery.

The prison incident that occurred shortly after 4 p.m. on Saturday, January 9 was reported by the officers’ union, the New York State Corrections Officers PBA on this ay.

The union reported that an officer was releasing inmates who were locked in their cells for disciplinary measures for their evening meal when he witnessed two prisoners fighting outside one of the cells. He saw one inmate making a stabbing motion several times.

The officer called for back up and ordered the inmates to stop fighting, but they ignored the orders.

As the officer approached the two inmates, one punched him in the face several times. The officer administered pepper spray, but it had no effect. As additional staff arrived, more pepper spray was administered.

Four CO’s forced prisoner  to the ground, administered another dose of pepper spray and handcuffed him.

The inmate who assaulted the officer and staffed the other inmate was placed in a special housing unit pending disciplinary action.

The officer who was attacked sustained pain and swelling to his left shoulder, right knee, bruising under both eyes and a displaced nose. He was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Two other officers were treated for pain, swelling and abrasions while subduing the inmate. Both were taken to a hospital.

A search of both inmate’s cells recovered two weapons. One was a shank-type plexiglass weapon sharpened at one end. The other was a metal ice pick-type weapon sharpened on one side.

Regional NYSCOPBA Vice President Chris Moreau called the incident “a complete failure of DOCCS disciplinary system.”

He said because of a new “progressive” policy, inmates locked in their cells because of previous disciplinary infractions are allowed out for meals and chaos ensures. “This entire incident would have been avoided if the inmates were simply served their meals in their cells,” Moreau said.


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