Sullivan legislator switches political parties; faces ethics probe

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MONTICELLO – Sullivan County Legislator Luis Alvarez of Liberty has changed his enrollment from Republican to Democrat. He was a Democrat for years before changing his party affiliation the first time.

He said the GOP members of the legislature would not let him participate as much as he wanted. “I want to participate more actively.”

Luis Alvarez

Alvarez also confirmed he is facing county ethics charges stemming from a situation where he defended his wife. “I went off the wall,” he said Friday.

Months ago, his wife was in the Care Center at Sunset Lake, but he received a call from Catskill Reginal Medical Center, now called Garnet Catskill, saying she had COVID-19 and had been brought there without notifying him.  She was later returned to the care center and has been home since last August, were Alvarez said her health is improving.

He was critical of the care at Sunset Lake, saying it was understaffed and that her wife had been over medicated. She even fell on the floor four times requiring stitches, he said. “Don’t go after me because I threatened you about the care of my wife,” Alvarez said.