Lawmakers urge Albany to approve return of interscholastic sports

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MONROE – A group of state legislators, local public officials, parents and students, Thursday, announced their support for Assemblyman Colin Schmitt’s new legislation to allow all interscholastic sports to be cleared to play this year using proper COVID-19 safety protocols.

Schmitt said there would be little to no risk of students contracting the virus if those safety measures are practiced.

“New York is in a grouping of a minority of states who are not allowing full interscholastic athletic competition using the proper COVID-19 protocols,” he said. “Over 34 states have allowed all sports – football, basketball, ice hockey, etc., which currently cannot be played in New York are being played in a majority of states.”

Schmitt said three states adjacent to New York – New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, have each just approved the playing of basketball games.