Mayor Noble outlines comprehensive plan progress at five-year mark

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Kingston City Hall

KINGSTON – Mayor Steven Noble has released the Strategic Community and Economic Development Plan, an analysis that outlines the City of Kingston’s progress in completing goals set forth in the 2025 Comprehensive Plan.

In 2016, the city adopted the Kingston 2025 Comprehensive Plan, a vision and guide for the city’s future that recommends goals, policies and objectives related to land use, nature and historic resources, housing, transportation and public facilities.

Implementation of the plan’s strategies requires a coordinated effort between the city, organizations within other jurisdictions including Ulster County, the state and the federal government, non-for-profits, residents, private interests, community groups, and other entities. 

Objectives laid out include both short-term and long goals. Since its adoption in 2016, several strategies and objectives have been achieved, many are underway, and many more are still in the conceptual phase.  

The Strategic Community and Economic Development Plan, which was prepared by Pattern for Progress, gives a status update for the strategies set forth by the Kingston 2025 Comprehensive Plan, as well as detailed action plans for the prioritized strategies. The action plans include the primary parties responsible for carrying out the activities or programs, and a list of collaborating organizations and groups associated with the goal and strategy.

The Strategic Community and Economic Development Plan can be found here.