House votes to impeach Trump for second time

WASHINGTON – The House of Representatives has voted to impeach President Donald Trump for a second time. The vote came late Wednesday afternoon following a day of debate.

The majority maintains Trump incited the riot and attack on the Capitol Building last Wednesday, while his supporters say he had done nothing wrong.

President Donald Trump

Hudson Valley Democratic Representative Sean Patrick Maloney, who voted for impeachment, said it is a sad, but historic day.

“I cannot imagine a more serious betrayal of his oath of office than to incite a mob to attack the Capitol in an attempt to overturn an election. That is about as serious an offense as you can imagine and it’s also why he needs to be removed from office by the Senate immediately,” Maloney said.

Maloney called Trump’s actions on January 6 treasonous.

“With this vote, the House both affirmed and united around our nation’s democratic principles — peaceful transition of power; equality under the law; one person, one vote,” said Congressman Antonio Delgado. “I’m calling on the Senate to follow our bipartisan example in the House and to act swiftly in order to defend our democracy from ongoing threats.”

Maloney’s concern is that with Trump still in the White House for another week, he could do something in an effort to undermine the inauguration of Joe Biden as president next week.

There will not be Senate trial on the charges until after Trump is out of office.

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