10 Ways to Turn on Your Boyfriend

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Guys are not always in the mood, so sometimes you have to help them get there. This guide explains 10 ways to turn on your boyfriend.

Are you looking for new ways to turn on your man? You’ve come to the right place. 

When it comes to sex in a relationship, it’s easy to fall into a pretty un-sexy routine. But don’t be afraid, because there are always ways to get him in the mood. And sometimes, turning him on can be as fun as the sex itself. Curious to know how it’s done? Keep reading to learn the 10 best ways to turn on your boyfriend. 

  1. Be Confident 

This one is easier said than done. But having confidence in yourself is a great way to turn a guy on. Wear something that makes you feel sexy, initiate the foreplay, or ask him to watch porn with you. Whatever your style of confidence is, it will be sure to drive him wild. 

And for those confident, single ladies looking to lock down a man, try the dating site Promenade! There’s nothing that screams confidence more than someone who’s willing to put themselves out there.

  1. Wear Red 

This one might seem strange, but it’s actually backed by science! Research done by the University of Rochester shows that men were more sexually attracted to women wearing red than any other color. It’s powerful, sexy, and often associated with things like lingerie and love. 

So, for your next date night, slip into a little red number and see what happens. He might be unzipping it for you by the end of the evening.  

  1. Massage Him 

Massage can be relaxing and a great way to initiate physical touch. 

Try massaging his neck, back, legs, and feet to release the most tension. You can even use some massage oil for an added sensual touch. And if you’re really looking to put him in the mood, end the massage by rubbing his nether regions. And you might even get a massage from him in return! 

  1. Thoughtful Conversation 

Turns on for guys aren’t just physical. Mental stimulation is important too! 

Making your boyfriend feel heard can deepen your emotional and sexual connection with each other. Inquire about his day or ask an intriguing question. You might be delightfully surprised by his answers. And if you want to take it up a notch, ask some naughty questions! Talking about your favorite sexual positions or kinks can be super fun. You could even put it in the form of truth or dare for a little extra spice. 

  1. Flirting 

Flirting is a great way of signaling to your partner you’re in the mood for some sexy time. 

Try playfully touching him by giving his butt a squeeze. Write him a dirty note or send him a scandalous picture that will make him blush. You could even give him an extra-long hug. 

There are endless ways to flirt with someone, so try out a couple of things and see what sticks. 

  1. Seductive Atmosphere 

Candles, a home-cooked meal, and dimmed lighting are a recipe for romance and sensual fun. And to really put him in the mood, try dishing out some classic aphrodisiacs such as red wine, oysters, and chocolate. Wine is not only an aphrodisiac, but it can also be a good social lubricant. 

So, if either of you is a bit nervous, drink a glass of liquid courage. But be sure not to overindulge because feeling sick is a quick way to kill the mood!

  1. Create Anticipation 

Creating anticipation can be super fun and erotic. 

Text him what dirty thing you’re planning to do later or whisper to him that you’re not wearing any underwear. Maybe even tell him that you’re planning on only wearing your birthday suit to bed. This will make his imagination run wild. 

These tricks will be sure to create intense sexual tension between you two. There’s nothing sexier than concealing a dirty secret!  

  1. Share Your Fantasies 

Sharing your sexual fantasies is a great way to be vulnerable with each other and find new ways to be intimate.  

While it can be challenging to open up about things that may feel embarrassing, you’ll both have a better understanding of each other’s sexual needs. And if all goes well, you may even get to play out one of your deepest desires. Or if you learn about a fantasy of his that needs more planning, buy some costumes or props! They will come in handy the next time you’re looking to get naughty. 

  1. Extended Foreplay 

If you jump right into having sex, it might not be the experience either of you was hoping for. But, if you extend the foreplay, you’ll be sufficiently turned on for the main event. 

Foreplay is the perfect way to relax into intimacy and maybe even have some laughs along the way. Pull out your sex toys and use them on either yourself or him. Make out for longer than usual and kiss different areas of his body. Try experimenting with whipped cream or chocolate syrup! 

  1. Lingerie

If all else fails, try putting on some of your favorite lingerie! Put it on when he least expects it. This will be sure to put a smile on his face and let him know you’re turned on. Try wearing a teddy, bodysuit, push up bra, lacy thong, or whatever else you have handy! It will build up your confidence knowing you look awesome. And if you feel good, he’ll be feeling you.  

Now You Know the Best Ways to Turn on Your Boyfriend 

Try out these different ways to turn on your boyfriend! It will be sure to deepen your connection and make each other irresistible. And who knows? You might find the spice your relationship was missing.