Cuomo: “We are in a danger zone”

ALBANY – A total of 2,265 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded in the Hudson Valley on Thursday, according to the State Health Department.

There were 14 deaths from the virus.

We are in a footrace between how fast the infection rate goes up and how fast the vaccination rate goes up,” said Governor Cuomo.

We are in “a danger one,” he said. “The infection and hospitalization rates are going up quickly, and when the hospitalization rate goes up, the hospitals reach capacity and the economy shuts down. Add to that footrace a new factor: the UK strain. The UK strain is here and it’s spreading. This is the Usain Bolt of infection rates and it is frightening,” the governor said.

Columbia 1,953 47
Dutchess 13,923 281
Greene 1,674 50
Orange 25,683 429
Putnam 5,551 115
Sullivan 3,418 48
Ulster 6,557 140
Westchester 76,089 913


Dutchess 3
Greene 2
Orange 5
Putnam 1
Sullivan 1
Ulster 4
Westchester 2

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