Orange County Right to Life corroborates Schmitt’s story about his  bus speech


GOSHEN – The president of Orange County Right to Life confirmed State Assemblyman Colin Schmitt’s explanation as to why he was standing inside a bus in Goshen on Wednesday morning before it brought the occupants to Washington, DC, the same day that thousands of supporters of President Trump rioted at the U.S. Capitol Building.

Assemblyman Colin Schmitt

County Democratic Chairman Brett Broge accused Schmitt of speaking to right-wing Trumpers who were going to the nation’s capital to participate in the protests that later got totally out of hand.

Later on Wednesday, the assemblyman said he was invited to discuss pending state legislation with a busload of Right-to-Lifers who were also going to D.C.

On Thursday, RTL President Clay Boone confirmed that. He said Schmitt was invited to speak to their members and others about a bill that would give the governor the authority to detain people against their will during public health emergencies.

“To be clear, our members are seniors, working parents, and others from all walks of life who attend church and care deeply about our community and the people who live here,” Boone said in a statement on Thursday. “I am deeply saddened and offended by the malicious, disparaging accusations and insinuations made about our members by groups like the New York City Democratic Socialists and the Orange County Democratic Committee.”

Boone said it is “morally reprehensible for them to lie about our members and Assemblyman Colin Schmitt to advance their partisan political agenda. Those organizations and the politicians who have echoed their lies own our members and Assemblyman Colin Schmitt an apology.”

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