Orange County legislator accuses chairman of being insensitive to minority concerns

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GOSHEN – Orange County Legislature Chairman Stephen Brescia, a Republican, was elected as chairman for the new year on Thursday, but not before Democrat Kevindaryan Lujan accused him of repeatedly shutting down opposition debate and siding with the GOP-right.

Lujan said he would not vote for Brescia because of what he has said and done ever since his unsuccessful run for state senate last fall.

“A few months back as Chairman Brescia campaigned for his failed campaign for state senate, he stood among right wing extremists, much like the ones that stormed the Capitol Building (Wednesday) and labeled myself and other Democrats as radicals and socialists resulting in hate-filled attacks and threats to our lives,” Lujan said. “His inflammatory and dishonest attacks put in danger my family and those of members of the community, much like the president’s actions, so too are Chairman Brescia.”

The chairman, meanwhile, took exception with Lujan’s characterization of him.

“To accuse me of racism is just, I am aghast, and it really cuts below the belt. It is disgraceful. I don’t stand with right-wing zealots; I don’t stand with left-wing zealots. I certainly don’t condone what happened in Washington, DC (Wednesday) just like I don’t condone the activities of antifa, looting, rioting or anything else,” he said. “I did go to one BLM rally in the Village of Montgomery and it was very peaceful. Police were there and it was very well run and there were two others as well.”

Brescia is also mayor of the Village of Montgomery.